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Who is Integra PaperLESS??

In 1975, Roger Brazier launched Mountain States Microfilm, Inc., a document management company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The company was designed to provide quality microfilming, document conversion and document management solutions.

As the company's customer base grew, so did the demand for better microfilm retrieval equipment, resulting in the company developing a business relationship with Canon USA, a premier supplier of scanning and imaging equipment. From there, the company established partnerships with industry leading imaging software, microfilm and scanning providers and in 1998 the company changed its name to Integra PaperLESS Business Solutions.

Today, Integra PaperLESS is the leading document management company in the Pacific Northwest and provides document management solutions to all of our customers throughout Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. We continue to partner with the industry's leading document management companies, helping us provide our customers with the best possible document management tools.

As a full service document management company, we install and service all of the hardware and software components that we sell. We can provide conversion services at our 20,000 square foot conversion facility in Boise, Idaho.

Contact Integra PaperLESS today for information about our document management services, document scanning solutions, micrographics and document conversion services. We would be happy to supply you with a free estimate on converting your paper to digital. LESS Paper LESS Work!


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