Don't Get Burnt by a Lack of Information Security

information security, disaster recovery, business and IT processes, IT infrastructureIntegra PaperLESS has been providing document management solutions for over 42 years, that experience has allowed us to gain the trust of our clients by always putting the security of their information as a top priority in all of our projects.

Plan for the future by securing your information today

Your enterprise Content Management (ECM) system should offer a variety of security features – including built-in measures and additional security extensions – to ensure your information is protected throughout its lifecycle. This is why Integra uses OnBase by Hyland as our foundation for building a secure solution to capture, identify, process, store and retrieve your critical information.

Protect through user privileges and redaction

Ensure your information is protected by default by assigning...

Idaho Department of Labor: Paving the way to PaperLESS jobs?

Idaho department of labor, Boise, IT, information securityThe tech industry in Idaho is clearly growing, so what better way to stand out from your competition than to become more educated in your field? Here at Integra PaperLESS, we decided to reach out to the Idaho Department of Labor in search of an IT professional who could help us add an extra level of expertise towards our internal and customer support needs.

…excellent programs that qualified individuals can partake in to enhance their employment opportunities

Joe Roche started with us at the beginning of May, and has since become an enormous asset to the Integra PaperLESS family. So what set Joe apart from all of the other applicants? After reviewing his resume, we noticed that he not only had great experience, but he was determined to be proactive and separate himself from the competition through the use of multiple programs the Idaho Department of Labor offered.


When your business needs to maximize its productivity and improve its overall level of compliance and accuracy, going paperless is something that makes a lot of sense. At Integra Paperless Business Solutions, we can help you do just that by providing software solutions and digital scanning that lets you take all of your business into the digital world. Tools include:



With the arrival of summer, vacations are on the horizon and work slows down. Now might be the perfect time to consider integrating more paperLESS processes into your workplace! Here’s a few reasons why!

Go PaperLESS for Earth Day!

earth day go paperless, digital records, automated processesApril means spring is here, and it also means that another Earth Day is happening. Thanks to the recent push in this country towards going green and being more environmentally friendly, Earth Day is getting even more attention. There are plenty of things that you can do to help the environment, and one that is worth paying attention to is in a business’ ability to go paperLESS.

Using a paperLESS scanning service to eliminate most paperwork from your daily business activities is something that’s well worth considering. It offers numerous benefits including: lower costs, better accuracy, less fraud, better compliance, and easier access to records.

And to add to the reasons that it’s worth paying attention to is the simple fact that by eliminating those paper records from your daily routine, you’ll be helping the environment.Even businesses that recycle still have a heavy footprint on the planet, and the less paper you use the less of an impact you’ll have. As such, going paperLESS will help you make a big difference in the future of our world. 


scissors cutting 100 dollar billToday’s businesses focus on two primary things –generating revenue and reducing overall costs. That second one can often create a unique situation where in a business thinks that they’re reducing their costs, but in the end actually end up bringing higher expenses to their bottom line.

It sounds confusing, but it comes down to one basic thing–trying to handle the wrong projects on their own. There are plenty of areas of business operations that you can take charge of and handle yourself to one degree or another. But going paperless isn’t one of them.

Paperless systems cut down on mistakes and on overhead costs in a big way, and digitally scanning all of your files is well worth doing. With labor costs rising thanks to recent changes in minimum wage laws, it’s even more important to reduce costs. But when you try to handle your document scanning on your own to save money, you can often create new mistakes.


How to Scan Blip Microfilm with ScanPro i9300 Microfilm Scanner!

Going paperLESS has changed the way that countless businesses operate, saving them time and money and helping improve productivity in the process. However, microfilm has remained a problem – until now. Integra PaperLESS is proud to present the ScanPro i9300 Microfilm Scanner, the newest and best microfilm scanner on the market.



Today’s businesses have to not only compete with one another, but stay legal according to the various regulations put forth by the government. Staying HIPAA compliant is incredibly important, for instance, and one thing that can help you do this is to go paperless.



For decades now, Integra has provided paperLESS business solutions to companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. And as the holidays roll through and the New Year approaches, it’s easy to get distracted by sales and specials. But if you’ll take a look at what we do and why it’s important, you’ll see why the Integra difference is a difference worth having in your business. 



All around the country and the world, businesses are making the move to a paperLESS approach. There are plenty of reasons for this, but the obvious ones stand out immediately – a reduction in cost and hassle and an increase in productivity and accuracy help make going paperLESS something worth considering. 

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