Three Ways Your Business Can Save By Ditching Paper

Paper is a problem, and not just because of paper cuts. Too much paper can hurt businesses’ bottom lines and even affect the world surrounding them, which is why at Integra we encourage every business to go paperless. Here are three compelling things that your business can save by ditching paper and making the switch to electronic documents.

Why Should Small Business Owners get serious about ECM?

ECM, what’s ECM?

ECM is Enterprise Content Management.  It’s also called Document Management.  It’s the practice of managing all of your company’s information: paper documents, corporate records, email, accounting records, everything…Electronically.


Why should I invest in ECM?

ECM has proven to save large amounts of time, money and liability for large institutions…government, medical, financial, educational, and large private enterprises for many years.  Still, they spent a lot of time and resources to get it done.  But, thanks to a growing industry and an increased number of products and competition, ECM is now a very affordable investment for small businesses.  Percentage wise, ECM will save small businesses even more time and money…and it will definitely decrease your liability.

Integra PaperLESS now offering the ScanPro 3000

Scanning Microfilm can be a tricky process, especially when hoping to perfectly replicate and produce a high-resolution image or document. Whether you’re a county with a collection of poor quality property records or a business with old but important corporate resolution files, your goal is the same…to get the best image quality possible. In either case, a new product being offered by Integra Paperless Business Solutions called the ScanPro 3000 has several unique features that make it the top of the line microfilm scanner.

Integra Celebrates A Milestone As We Enter Our 38th Year In Business

Happy anniversary to us at Integra! That's right- it has been 38 great years since Roger Brazier first opened our doors in 1975, and since then, a lot of things have changed. The way businesses manage their files as a whole has changed dramatically over the last 4 decades. The need for businesses to horde piles, folders and cabinets full of space-consuming paper has become a thing of the past thanks to the advent of digital information management. But despite all of these very drastic changes in the business world, we are still here, and we are going strong!

Filebound Software Solutions To Meet Your Business Document Management Needs

Stop drowning in paper files! Companies with an archaic, paper-based filing systems are severely behind the times. This is because they run the risk of having their precious information destroyed or damaged.  With the real risks of environmental damage, fire or flood or even simple yellowing due to age, paper documents are neither safe nor secure.

The Benefits Of ECM Far Outweigh The Heaviest Of Filing Cabinets

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, your goal is to be profitable and successful. There are basic building blocks essential to a business’ success, for example quality control and customer service. With continual advancement in modern technology, many businesses rely on electronic solutions to keep their business up and running. A few common types of these solutions are email and ecommerce. But what about document management? So many businesses today still swear by the traditional filing cabinet. However, there is a better more seamless option available for document management and it is called ECM (Enterprise Content Management).

Document Conversion Outsourcing Services for Maximum Efficiency and Maximum Profit

Document management can keep your organization running more smoothly and effectively, but unless your company plans on having a separate department just for document conversion, you may want to think about outsourcing your document disposal and management needs. By spending your much needed resources on your business instead of your document management problems, you can enjoy a fully operating system that will allow the full focus of your space, money and time to go toward your business and not your papers.

Integra PaperLESS Business Solutions now offering Xerox BookCentre S7141

Integra PaperLESS Business Solutions is proud to offer the Xerox BookCentre S7141-the answer to all of your book scanning needs.  Not only is this innovative product simple to use, but also powerful in its performance.  Equipped with large buttons and easy-to-follow instructions, operation is a breeze.  Copying pages in books as well as non-circulating documents has never been more uncomplicated and accurate!  Get clear, distortion-free scans each time while preserving the book’s original shape and condition.  Libraries all across the country will benefit from the inter library loan integration option.  Easily integrated with such systems as OCLC Article Exchange, ILLiad, and Odyssey, it will change the way documents are found and shared.

Document Management – Hardware Solutions

One of the biggest problems in any company lies in the management of their various documents and paperwork. Maintaining accurate records is vital for successful bookkeeping, legal compliance issues, and managing your company in general. And while the old archaic methods may still be around, today they're giving way to much more simplified digital solutions. Document management through the use of digital document scanners has become the standard for most companies, and with good reason. Using today's modern technology provides a huge range of benefits over traditional options, and it's easy to see why so many companies are making the switch over to them.

The Benefits of Using Document Management Solutions

Businesses nowadays generate masses of content, documents and other information which needs to be filed, stored and managed. Software tools are available to help capture, store, preserve, manage and deliver content to users in an organization. Document management solutions are similar to library systems. To run your business successfully, you need to manage a wealth of information through document management systems such as Hyland OnBase,  OnBase, Filebound and Cardiff Solutions. These quality document conversion and document management solutions are designed by Integra to help you save money, time and resources, enabling you to be more productive in your business or workplace. There are many benefits derived from using document management solutions.

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