TOP 10 REASONS: Paper Scanning Projects Can Go Wrong!

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Paper scanning can be either really easy—scanning merely a page or two, or one of the most daunting tasks you and/or your department will ever take part in. Either way, use this list as a way to identify problems with your paper scanning project before they get out of hand.

Feel free to click on the image to view the infographic, otherwise here are the Top 10 Reasons Paper Scanning Projects Can Go Wrong!

10. Your scanner jams everytime you leave the paperclips on

9. You reached your health insurance deductible solely from paper cuts

8. Last time you scanned a document it ended up being faxed

7. Your IT department told you to update your driver, so you ordered an Uber


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It seems we make business resolutions every year, but for some reason they continue to be similar, if not the exact same, as last year. Let's break down the word "Resolution": Re means to do the same thing over and over and solution means to solve a problem. Well, if we really solved the problem we would not have to keep repeating the solution, would we? So for 2017 let's get real and just commit to "New Year's RESolutions" so you and your organization can finally start to organize, share and grow its information like never before!

How do you get started?


data and document management growthWe all have a story, what's yours? At Integra PaperLESS our story goes back over 40 years in the Document Management industry. It is what we do and we do it well. Let me tell you a little about how any organization can gain control over their information, arguably one of the most important assets in any organization or industry.

Integra PaperLESS understands information, we understand how it gets made, how it comes into an organization, how it is processed and how it should be retained and stored and retrieved. It is what we do and have done for so many years in the Pacific Northwest. Starting with Microfilm solutions 40 years ago we began helping healthcare organizations manage the mountains of paper records that they had to maintain. As we grew we entered different markets as we developed a reputation and began doing business in a variety of industry's including local and state government to commercial organizations looking to get control of their information.

LESSONS LEARNED - 40 Years of Software Implementation

software implementation document management lessons learnedIntegra PaperLESS has been providing document management/enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to clients in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years. That is a long time to make many mistakes and also learn a number of lessons. So what have we learned that could help you avoid some pitfalls in implementing your document management solution:

1. Long implementations are a disaster

Keep the implementation focused, short and measurable...


information governance data governance records managementWe all have heard the term “information governance”. Prior to the use of the term information governance we used terms such as “Information lifecycle management”, “security”, “accessibility”. These older terms have rolled up into what we refer to today as information governance. But why now?

…51% of organizations have had data related incidents in the past 12 months

We only need to look at the news everyday and we are deluged with stories about email security, retention, accessibility and control. It is not just email we should be concerned with. We have information coming into and out of our organizations from multiple sources including...

Helping you with

Accounting Records

Information Security 

Disaster Recovery

Document Conversion

Forms Recognition

System Integration


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