JFK Records: A Complex Example of Information Security...

JFKRecordsRedactedRedacted... an everyday word to Records Managers like myself, but rarely does the topic of “redaction” make the news!  #smallwin

This latest news about the JFK records being released to the public, is a great example of the complexity of information security. Redaction seems like such a simple thing, until you have to do the actual work.  Every organization should have the desire to be transparent, but it’s often difficult to draw the line when that information can be transmitted around the world in a split second.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself;


  • What information should be classified as SENSITIVE?
  • What is the LEVEL of sensitivity of the information within the records?
  • What’s the RISK if some sensitive information is accidentally released?
  • How CONFIDENT am I that all the sensitive information has been redacted?
  • Is my redaction TOOL as trustworthy as I hope?

Other articles on the release of Redacted Records about JFK…
USA Today - JFK files: Withheld documents only encourage more conspiracy theories, expert says

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