ScanPro sets New Benchmark for Innovations in Microfilm Scanning Technology!

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Integra PaperLESS is proud to announce, that ScanPro has once again revolutionized how microfiche is digitized in your offices, with new innovations in the ScanPro 3000 All-In-One. From it’s hands-free operation, to being able to scan at up to 100 images a minute, it has increased productivity for organizations all over the Northwest. ScanPro strives to continue adding new technologies to help you be even more efficient. All of these features are included in a NEW ScanPro purchase, and are FREE to all existing ScanPro Advantage Members.


Drum Roll...

             ...the NEW Innovations include:  


4 Great NEW Innovations: 

1. Scan Microfiche Vertically or Horizontally

The majority of microfiche was created where the images were placed in order of left to right and then top to bottom, like reading a book.  That's how most microfilm machines work.  In some cases, the records dictated the images be placed on the microfiche in order of top to bottom and then left to right. This type of fiche was very difficult to capture using automatic scanning... until now.  ScanPro released functionlity to effectively scan both vertically and horizontally aligned fiche in a completely automated manner.

2. Hybrid Auto-Brightness Options

ScanPro's new Hybrid Auto-Brightness provides intelligence to determine if image enhancement is needed or not.  As with any "hybrid" product on the market, it combines the best of two different functions.  In this case, automatic brightness is combined with automatic scanning, and sprinkled with the magic of intelligent automation.  Let the ScanPro do the work for you, as you sit back and sip a Pina Colada.  Virgin Pina Colada of course, because you're at work, right?  It's magical, but can't get you out of work.

3. Turn Micro Opaque Functionality On & Off

When selecting the film type button, you have been presented with the options for Positive, Negative, and Micro-Opaque. You may not even have Micro-Opaques or even know what that is, but the pesky button is always there, making you wonder what fun type of microfilm you have been missing out on!  Okay, so you weren't really missing out on anything much with Micro Opaques.  It's just a Hybrid microform, combining microfilm and a cardstock back.  (see what I did there with the hybrid?)  Let that extra button bother you no more, as ScanPro now presents you with the option to hide or show the button/functionality, based on your collection of microforms.

4. Auto Correction for Misaligned Fiche

Not all fiche are created equal.  You know, those fiche in your collection that everyone dreads having to search through because they're such poor quality.  The onese that are crooked, like they were created in the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so they're extremely difficult to automatically scan. With ScanPro's new Auto Correction technology, the machine now recognizes how the images are aligned and self-calibrates to the microfiche itself.  As you scan your fiche, the ScanPro is automatically straightening and capturing cleaner images, helping to compensate for the innatentive person who created the crooked images.  If you're into microfilm technology like we are, you probably think this is pretty cool!.


Learn more about these Innovations and ask how to upgrade your existing ScanPro or purchase a new unit!


Thanks and HAPPY 4th of July!

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