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What is Chain of Custody?

Who would have thought you needed a 'paper trail' for your 'paper records'!  What is Chain of Custoday Transport?  Wikipedia's legal definition is "the chronological documentation or paper trail that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic evidence."  When outsourcing the scanning of your most important records, whether paper, microfilm or books, the most common concern our customers have is Security. Chain of Custody is the proper tracking and documentation of your physical records as they Transfer custody, are Worked with by Integra, are Returned and/or reach Final Disposition.  This Custodial History is core concept of proper Records Management and is proven by the existence of a vendor's control systems.

Integra tracks and documents each scanning project from the beginning, with a delivery receipt at customer pickup.  This receipt signifies the face-to-face handoff of physical records from our customers to an Integra Employee, to be transported in an Integra vehicle.  After transport, each project is checked into inventory and stored securely in Integra's Warehouse.  A second level of security is achieved using a 'Locked Cage' for paper records and 'Bank Vault' for microfilm records.  Yes, an actual bank vault, because Integra's facility was originally built as a Bank Datacenter.  A short list of approved staff have the ability to check a project out of the cage, which requires signoff for tracking and is monitored by video surveillance.  Each successive step of the work is also tracked for a record of the employees completing the work. 

At the completion of a project, Integra customers are provided an Acceptance Form, to sign off on the final step for the physical records.  The options for this final step include ‘Return the Records’, ‘Store the Records’ or ‘Destroy the Records’.  For those customers that choose to ‘Destroy the Records”, a proper signature is required on the Acceptance Form.  This Acceptance Form is a critical piece to the Chain of Custody process, as the lack of a signed Form prevents any accidental destruction of records.  These security controls provide assurance to Integra customers that their records are handled with the proper security and care they deserve.

Considerations for Chain of Custody handling of Records:

• Pickup/Delivery Receipt
• Integra Staff
• Integra Vehicles
• Integra-Owned Facility
• Written Documentation
• Video Surveillance
• Archival Integrity
• Acceptance/Sign-Off
• Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
• and more...


Quick Facts:

• To reinforce the security of our customers' records, Integra is happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
• Chain of Custody is somewhat synonymous with Provenance, derived from the French word 'provenir', meaning 'to come from' or 'to come forth'.
• Other terms often used when speaking to Chain of Custody include; Lineage of Data & Provenance.
• If you've misplaced your Acceptance Form please email


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