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Integra provides the very best software solutions for the Document Management needs of your business. Our Software Solutions are designed to capture, store and track electronic documents or paper based documents that have been scanned and digitized. Our systems vary from large enterprise solutions to small web-hosted solutions.


Your documents are stored in a central repository for security, audit compliance standards, and easy retrieval. The imaging software allows you to replicate digitally produced or scanned documents. The software stores the digital images, for point and click retrieval, printing, emailing and further processing. 


Applications include:

•    Accounts Payable
•    Purchase Orders
•    Accounts Receivable
•    Human Resources Hiring and Onboarding
•    Employee Records
•    Engineering Change Requests


All of Integra’s Software Solutions are also available in the cloud environment, eliminating the need for costly technology and the staff to support your networks, security and systems maintenance. Cloud solutions foster efficiency & productivity, increase controls, reduce risk and enhance compliance methods, all in one fell swoop, allowing business owners to focus on business at hand. 

Document Management Software

Document Management Software is a system designed to capture, store and track electronic documents or paper based documents that have been digitized through a document scanner. Systems vary from large enterprise global solutions to small stand-alone systems. A central repository houses the documents for security, audit compliance standards, and retrieval. Applications can be modified to include modules that consist of automated processes that mimic physical paper filing, management, and processing standards.


Capture Software

Reducing the manual involvement in the scanning process, Capture software’s purpose is to administer the migration of paper converted images into a compatible Document Management System. After transforming the captured information into metadata, the digitized documents than become suitable for search and viewing within their digital repository.


Redaction Software

The amount of sensitive and personal data that is available through online public records has created an alarming trend in identity theft. This type of theft knows no boundaries and is an expensive risk to citizens, many times resulting in a lengthy, painful reclamation period. Reviewing millions of documents to locate and redact this information requires unfeasible manpower and associated resource costs. Automated redaction is a simple and affordable identity theft solution that functions as a stand-alone solution or be tightly integrated into your existing document management applications and workflow.


Forms Recognition Software

Forms recognition allows companies to easily capture information from paper documents and convert it to digital data, allowing for automated indexing and eliminating the need for manual entry.


iPad and Tablet Forms Software

Most enterprises have toyed with the idea of using an iPad for their mobile workers or far data collection purposes. Business uses range from Cardiovascular Diseases Data Collectors to Field Services personnel have deployed these cost-effective, user-friendly devices to collect data electronically while on-the-go. With most enterprises IT teams are already stretched thin. Consider the proven mobile computing to enterprise use of the iPad has become a reality.



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