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Document-driven organizations continually look for the quickest and most reliable ways to create and distribute information within their businesses. Integra PaperLESS can help. We utilize OnBase® by Hyland imaging software to deliver document management solutions that help businesses capture, process, manage, distribute and archive high volumes of critical corporate documents.

How Does It Work?

Once information has been captured, OnBase® imaging software organizes documents through the use of document types and document type groups. These conceptual repositories enable organizations to breakdown content into easily definable, truly manageable groups. Centralized and de-centralized storage and redundancy ensures that content remains secure and accessible across multiple locations.

OnBase imaging software places great importance on the user experience, which it delivers through OnBase Client. All user activity is performed quickly, consistently and securely through a single thin or thick client interface. The modular nature of OnBase opens up realms of functionality available to the user. Integration with enterprise and line-of-business systems erases the borders between applications and empowers users to create, access, cross-reference and process content across multiple environments using a few simple techniques.

Finally, OnBase imaging software offers an array of modules to address nearly every conceivable scenario of distributing stored document including:

  • ERP Integrations
  • Business Process Automation
  • Content Management
  • E-mail
  • Healthcare
  • Imaging and Capture
  • Import Processing
  • Records Management
  • Statements

The OnBase Application EnablerTM rapidly integrates OnBase with text-based, JavaTM, Windows®, Web-based and host applications without the need for custom coding. Easily configured and rapidly deployable, Application Enabler has been used to integrate OnBase with hundreds of line-of-business applications to reduce labor associated with indexing and retrieval, automate the creation of template-based documents and trigger automated workflows.

Dedicated integrations exist for a number of industry leaders, such as Microsoft, SAP and ESRI®. These thoroughly tested modules offer reliable solutions for combining data-centric applications with transactional content that drives processes. In addition, OnBase has a number of technology partners offering products that can be used in conjunction with OnBase imaging software for an end-to-end solution.

Hyland Software has developed a set of Web Services that will process requests for documents to be stored or retrieved and process workflow execution requests. The Hyland Web Services software development kit (SDK) for .NET allows object-oriented programming without requiring knowledge of technologies such as XML or SOAP. The Hyland Web Services SDK for JavaTM includes a JAR file that enables object-oriented programming in Java using Java objects without requiring knowledge of the OnBase XML structure or SOAP. This extends OnBase access and interoperability to the majority of current computing platforms.

OnBase imaging software also features a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to facilitate more complex integrations with enterprise, Web and legacy applications. OnBase APIs enable remote or local applications to interact with the OnBase content repository and Workflow using standard COM, DCOM, HTTP and SOAP protocols.





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