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ScanPro All-In-One AUTO-Carrier™

ScanPro does it AGAIN!  In a continuing effort to bring new technologies to the microfilm industry, we are proud to introduce the AUTO-Carrier™.  The AUTO-Carrier™ brings the ease of hands-free navigation and Auto-Scanning capabilities to both new scanners or your existing ScanPro.

Features: Video ScanPro AUTO Fiche Splash Black

  • Navigate through your fiche with just the click of your mouse
  • On-Screen controls for navigation, no more manually moving the carrier
  • AUTO-Scan images, ranges of images, or the whole fiche
  • Print images, ranges of images or the whole fiche
  • Scanning speeds of up to 100 Images a Minute
  • When coupled with Productivity Suite, it dramatically speeds research projects on fiche
  • Automatic loading gets you on your project faster

AUTO-Scan Pro is an optional desktop scanning software for all roll film and now FICHE!  Available for the ScanPro i9300, 3000 and 2200 Plus microfilm scanners, it provides on the fly auditing and an extreme increase in scanning speed over the AUTO-Scan Standard that comes free with all new ScanPro’s:

  • AUTO-Scan Standard up to 10ppm for Roll Film and 20ppm for Fiche
  • AUTO-Scan Pro up to 100ppm for Roll Film and 100ppm for Fiche

 If you've purchased a new ScanPro and ordering a new computer, here are the ScanPro PC & Monitor Specifications.


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